Office Directory of Departments Extensions and Emails

To reach staff by phone, call our office at (253) 597-6424, then dial the staff member’s extension at any time.

Advocacy Department

Advocacy Department Manager
Chris Rogers
Ext. 04
Advocacy Support Specialist
Jessica Kovacs
Child and Family Advocate
Avery Taylor
Community Advocate
Mindy McCoy
Christina Lee
Ext. 03
Education and Resource Coordinator
Ash Powers
Ext. 05
Prevention Advocate
Grace Strensland
Prevention Advocate
Krystle Haga
STEP Advocate
Eli Munson

Therapy Department

Client Access Specialist
Gabby Metsker
Clinical Director
Stephanie Sacks
Ext 02
Yaritza Rodriguez
Sara Wendler
Therapist Intern
Madeline Bahr

Administration Department

Development Manager
Becca Pilcher
Ext. 23
Executive Director
Carlyn Sampson
Ext. 01
Fiscal and Benefits Manager
Solid Chops Accounting
Operations Coordinator
Jenn Jonassen
Ext. 00